Burazok Embergilt

Towering half-orc Sorcerer, clad in dervish style rags of arboreal hues.


Burazok stands taller than most men, but not all. He carries himself like a gladiator, and has a build to match, despite a dearth in martial prowess. The only visible weapon, a rather plain crossbow hanging from his waist. His attire changes with the seasons, and though it is excellently maintained, it is nonetheless well worn. In the Rostland spring he is wrapped in layers of various cloth of differing material and hue, tending towards forest greens and the wheat golds of the plains. When travelling, even his head is covered in similar fashion, leaving only a small slit revealing a deep brow with a hint of thick black eyebrows, pale granite-grey skin, and piercing thoughtful amber eyes. Without his headdress Burazok is bald, a fact that puts an emphasis on his large pointed ears that sweep back against his head. His broad jaw, steep nose, and wide mouth belie his orcish progenitor. Even two generations removed from pure blooded orc, he still has sizable tusks that protrude slightly above his lower lip. Though undeniably bestial at first glance, Burazok has an almost regal countenance. Combined with his broad, tall stature and a deep booming voice, Burazok can be a charming worldly traveler sharing a convivial drink one moment and the next become that bestial horror that haunts the nightmares of all people who have been impacted by a ravening orc tribe.


All that is known of Burazok at this time is that he came into possession of a Warrant from the Restov Swordlords.

Burazok Embergilt

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