Unassuming half-elven Summoner, clad in simple leather armor and toting a crossbow, with an enormous and imposing humanoid Eidolon in tow.


This young half-elven woman stands just barely five feet tall, and appears to be in her late teens to early twenties. She is fairly attractive, with green eyes and vibrant red hair, and is clad in simple leather armor with a crossbow slung over her back. Her dress and appearance would be for the most part unremarkable if not for the large, obviously magical, glowing rune emblazoned in the center of her forehead.

Her ever present companion, who stands always by her side or over her shoulder, is a stark contrast to her simple presentation. His broad, hulking humanoid form gives the impression that he is even taller than his 6’5", and his species is unrecognizable. In tones of dark-grey to black, his cragged skin seems a cross between the scales of something reptilian and the cracked surface of cooled magma. He bears a mouth full of sharp, predatory teeth set in a wide bottom-heavy jaw, and his eyes burn with an unnatural light. A pair of twisted horns grow from his head, as an extension of the protective carapace that crowns it. Sections of carapace also cover his spine and certain other sections of his chest, shoulders and arms. The creature wears no armor, and only a tattered wrap around it’s waist for protection, and while his hands are similar to those of a man his feet resemble those of an animal and are tipped with razor sharp talons. The creature wears a greatsword slung across its back, but beyond that carries no gear or equipment. He bears the same glowing rune as Nyla, also centered on his forehead.

Despite her friendly demeanor and easy manner of conversation, Nyla seems to keep her own matters and history close to the vest. Her companions rarely speaks to anyone other than she, and even then he does generally does so in obscure little known languages. It is clear from their interactions that Nyla is the one who gives the orders, and makes the decisions for the pair.—



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