Hjalfdan Oathkeeper

Spear warden of Alfheim, Bannerman of the Order of the White Wurm


Hjalfdan Oathkeeper, Son of Alrik, Thane of Havund and ancestral servant to the northern kings and Bergdis who died bearing his younger sister. Hjalfdan has two sisters, one younger and one older and a younger brother.

Havund is a small village on the frontier of the northern kingdoms not particularly wealthy or glamourus but it’s remoteness allowed Hjalfdan endless practice riding horses and learned to fight early defending his father’s land from brigands and inhuman threats with his father’s other huskarls.

Growing up, Hjalfdan bonded with an old hunter who was known in the village as Old Otyrgg. Otyrgg was a man of few words and many in the village distrusted his silent ways. Hjalfdan managed to befriend the old man who taught him the ways of the wild and how to train horses.

At the age of just 13 Hjalfdan won a riding competition, beating grown men some more than twice his age. Hjalfdan’s victories have made him perhaps overproud and he is quick to anger when he feels his or his companions honor has been sullied. After winning the competition, Otyrgg gifted Hjalfdan a war axe named “Tyrfing” which he carries to this day.

Due to his exceptional riding and husbandry skills, Hjalfdan joined the order of the Frost Wurm, a company of free cavalry where he honed his skills.

Hjalfdan Oathkeeper

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