• Burazok Embergilt

    Burazok Embergilt

    Towering half-orc Sorcerer, clad in dervish style rags of arboreal hues.
  • Calanon Galadborn

    Calanon Galadborn

    Itinerant monastic brother, disciple of Irori
  • Eman Remal

    Eman Remal

    Order of the Traveler's Guiding Text
  • Hjalfdan Oathkeeper

    Hjalfdan Oathkeeper

    Spear warden of Alfheim, Bannerman of the Order of the White Wurm
  • Nyla


    Unassuming half-elven Summoner, clad in simple leather armor and toting a crossbow, with an enormous and imposing humanoid Eidolon in tow.
  • Rill Sandor

    Rill Sandor

    Rill, a wandering cleric of Serenrae, seeks to help stem the tide of darkness through the world. Rill is tall and bearded, dressed head to toe in leathers and often found wrapped in a long cloak.
  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Pint sized mischief-maker