Pathfinder : Ascendancy

Gathering at Oleg's
Of bandits, stew, and a dawn surprise

Brother Nemethius,

Peace be unto you!

I must offer my deepest apologies for the infrequency of my correspondence. I occasionally wonder if any of my letters have made it to the monastery at all. But I leave that in Irori’s perfect keeping. If these missives fall into unintended hands then I trust that misfortunate to be part of a greater design.

Just as you promised, the four winds have been my constant guides over these past months; their careful whispers leading me to places most wonderful and unexpected, though rarely so serene and peaceful as The Open Palm of Jalrune. The winds have landed me for the time being far, far to the north of Qadira in a place known as the River Kingdoms to the southwest of Brevoy. These River Kingdoms are a beautiful, green place with an amazing and quite breathtaking amount of water in every direction. The water is in so much abundance here that I often end my dawn disciplines with a refreshing swim in a lake, stream, pond, or river.

When I was in Brevoy, I had opportunity to receive a charter from the Swordlords of Restov to travel and explore a region known as the Greenbelt with the purpose of putting down banditry and unlawful conduct. I am ever hopeful that I will also find some hint of what I seek there, as well.

I made my way to a rustic holding known as Oleg’s Trading Post, a wilderness outpost not too far from Brevoy. I found there a charming merchant, Master Oleg, and his wonderful wife Svetlana. You should try her everyday stew! Truly delicious! I also found others who hold charters from the Swordlords. I do not yet know them, but after the turn of events at dawn this morning, I have a feeling I will come to know them well. I’ll share what I do know, though.

There is a very pleasant woman of elven blood named Mistress Nyla and her companion, an enormous creature wielding a greatsword. Very impressive and capable it seems, though also very curious. We were joined by a warrior whose name I did not hear. He rides an impressive horse and knows how to ride it well. There is a man, a cleric I believe, who seems pleasant and pious. Perhaps the most interesting of all were the other two charter-bearers: a large fellow with clearly of orcish blood who knows his way around the arcane arts and a charming halfling who I most definitely want to get to know better.

Master Oleg made us quickly aware of troubles he was having with bandits. Armed with our charters and resolve, we planned a simple defense of this good merchant, his wife and her delicious stew. You see, Master Nemethius, a group of bandits was regular stealing merchandise and coin from Master Oleg! They came the first day of each month to take their bandit’s tax from him and his wife. Fortunately, our arrival at the trading post was on the very last day of Calistril. All part of a greater design, I’m sure.

We set a watch and waited for their arrival. I slept on the palisade wall and kept watch as well and was fortunate enough to spot their torches as they approached a few miles off. This let us be prepared for them when the bandits arrived.

To be fair, these bandits did not have a chance. They came directly through the trading post gates. They thought the halfling was a child, at first, until he pulled a dagger on them and set the defense of the trading post in motion. Mistress Nyla’s curious companion came to our defense, dealing powerful blows. What was most amazing is how Mistress Nyla touched the creature and it nearly doubled in size. Quite amazing.

It was then that the orcish fellow worked a most remarkable magic. I was atop the wall and had a clear line of sight. He sent forth a dazzling spray of colors that felled at least three of the bandits. Sadly, it also laid Mistress Nyla’s companion low as well. And by laid low, I mean it put them to sleep or knocked them down. Very curious effect!

The cowardly leader of these bandits turned tail immediately and fled. I was able to slow his progress through my discipline, but it was the great warrior on his steed who rode down the bandit leader and gave him summary justice as authorized by the charter.

It was an interesting beginning to my sojourn in the Greenbelt.

I shall write again soon.

—Brother Calanon


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